The Institute Hercule Florence has among its main goals to establish partnerships with cultural centers, museums, libraries, research institutes and other institutions or individuals who work with research, conservation and dissemination of historical documents. Here are some of our major partners.

Museu Paulista da USP and Museu Republicano de Itu

Among the achievements of this partnership, which began in 2011, we highlight the online publication of the album of drawings Viagem Pitoresca a Mato Grosso [Picturesque Journey to Mato Grosso] and the projects Caderno de Aimé-Adrien Taunay [Adrian Taunay’s Notebook] and Hercule Florence: Patriarca da Iconografia Paulista. [Hercule Florence: Patriarch of Paulista Iconography]

Institute of Energy and Nuclear Research (IPEN)

Consistent with the mission of preserving its collection, the IHF uses the services of IPEN for disinfesting and decontaminating books and other textual documents by gamma radiation, which removes insects and fungi from different supports.

Biblioteca Brasiliana Guta e José Mindlin

Given the affinity of interests and objectives with the IHF, this is a fruitful partnership, whose first achievement was the exhibition O Olhar de Hercule Florence sobre os Índios Brasileiros [Hercule Florence’s View of Brazilian Indians] (2015). The institutions are also partners in the creation of the Mapa Interativo da Expedição Langsdorff [Interactive Map of the Langsdorff Expedition].

Google Arts & Culture

Since 2020, the IHF has been presenting the history and the works by Hercule Florence on the Google Arts & Culture digital platform, alongside the world’s leading museums, increasing the visibility of the collection’s works and of the virtual exhibitions with partners.


In 2020, the IHF entered into a GLAM partnership with Wikipedia, whereby it made some of its digital image collection available to be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata by using free licenses.

Nouveau Musée National de Monaco (NMNM)

A partner in the exhibition Hercule Florence: Le Nouveau Robinson, held in 2017 in Monaco. The result of five years of research, it featured the French-Monegasque inventor to the European public for the first time.

Hercule Florence Photography Festival

Organized since 2007 in the city of Campinas (SP), the festival pays tribute to the French-Monegasque artist and inventor, who moved to the city in 1830. The IHF has already carried out some exchanges of ideas and promoted lives in conjunction with the festival’s organization.

Núcleo de Conservação e Restauro Edson Motta (Laboratório SENAI-SP)

Edson Motta Conservation and Restoration Laboratory

Established by São Paulo’s National Service for Industrial Training (SENAI) in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Bookbinding and Restoration (ABER), the laboratory provides preservation, conservation, and restoration services for graphic documentation.

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